Hello, crazy cyber world! I've finally made it to this point and I am overjoyed to be here… My name is Cliësta Stanley, mum of two beautiful monsters (children), wife to one amazing dude and employee to one of South Africa's top University of Technology.

I have been thinking about making changes in my life. Now, there is nothing wrong with my life, I just needed a little enhancement to it. These changes would include my monsters not needing to attend an after school care facility. It would also mean there would be one less stressed parent at home. Changes that would make me more available to increase my Christian activities.

My story started a year or so before I completed high school. My school arranged for the senior class to visit a local Technikon (as it was called back in the day), to participate in a potential assessment test. The irony of it all is, I now work for that very institution I visited that year. The assessment revealed that I should be a stage designer or work in the arts industry, something cool like that. Me, always being Negative Nancy, thought "me a stage designer, that is impossible. I'm not crafty at all." So I got myself an office job… and here I am today working full time and making crafts for my home, family and friends and enjoying every minute of it.

So let me just make one thing clear, I am no expert in crafting or blogging or any of this Cyber world thing. I just enjoy making things and sharing it with family and friends. My ideas are mostly from Pinterest, Google and YouTube.

I hope my crafts and all the other crafts on this site inspires you to start crafting and or blogging yourself.

See you on the craft side…